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le Tour de France Rice Cake recipe for active children

Most children can be described as mini athletes right? The way they run rings around you at home and seem to have an endless surplus of energy. So at parents we try our best to fuel them with the healthiest food we can throw at them in passing, which is made even harder if you as a family are also active and constantly on the go.

What if I told you there is a snack that is incredibly simple to make, delicious, healthy, and will fit easily in any lunch box.

This simple Arborio Rice cake, become very firm when cooked and can be carried as a small mess-free and portable morsel that packs a lot of tasty nutrients.

Rice cakes are enjoyed by some of the fastest cyclists on the planet. The Sky team cyclists (winners of the Tour de France) are known to eat 4 portions per hour, their version sweetened with cinnamon and sugar while team Saxo-Tinkoff like theirs cooked with dried fruit.

While you can make rice cakes with both water and juice, we as a family who limits sugar, prefer cooking ours with milk. It adds a lovely creaminess to it that makes it taste almost like a dessert, and milk is always good for growing bodies.

"When I was taking pictures of the rice cakes, our little rider kept repeatedly trying to snatch one when my back was turned."

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