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Our Montessori inspired toddler bedroom

When our toddler outgrew the co-sleeper that had been his bed since he was newborn, we thought it was about time he should have 
his own space. He was almost 2 and as much as we as a family enjoyed sharing one bedroom, we were faced with two choices.   The first option was to get our son his own room or get ourselves a bigger mattress. The decision was made easy by our son who really didn't care where he slept, and could sometime be disturbed by us.

Inspired by Montessori theories, we decided to try and make a calm and functional space that would allow our little boy a feeling of independence. The mattress was placed on the floor to allow him the freedom to crawl out and in of bed to get to his books and toys. The frame is an IKEA Kura bed, which can be flipped and changed as the child grows. Because of the size of the room, the upstairs bunk-bed will eventually be used as an extra play space.

While much beloved characters are scattered through out the room,  we keep it fairly clutter-free to create a calm and inviting space. The only toys that are kept in this space are ones that our toddler can interact with without supervision. Everything has a place, such as the train track that fits inside the IKEA 'Flisat' table.

Another Montessori inspired area is the IKEA Stuva wardrobe. The doors have been removed and the inside has been fitted with hangers at a child's height. It allows our son to pick his own shirt and also learn where everything goes. Surprisingly, the cupboards contents has not been torn out and throw all over across the floor as we thought it may, although it can at times be hard for our boy to just pick 'one' shirt.

On top of the wardrobe is where we are keeping some learning materials that we enjoy using as a family. Mostly puzzles, picture-books and cards, but also some specific Montessori items. But at the end of the day, what is most important to us, is that the room is a calm and comfortable space that allows him to feel like snuggling down and sleep.

Which we seem to have achieved.

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  1. Cute uncluttered room but with lots of fun colors and toys!


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