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2 year old on a Pump track

Our son is rarely seen without his balance bike. The pushchair we were given has been gathering dust for months and if there is anywhere we need to go, it's done on two feet or two wheels. Not only has it been a great opportunity to teach our toddler about road safety, but the speed he gets up to on his bike means we can get to play groups and play dates in record time. We bring the bike everywhere, and while he still has much to learn, his confidence is growing.

That's why we love taking him to places like the bike park. There he can throw himself down the rollers and berms. It's all about pushing yourself, learning to balance at speed, and to brush yourself off when you fall. Normally when we get there he's hesitant, but after a few easy trips around the track, his confidence improves and it's us that has to try and keep up. 

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